Meet the team

Rachel Larsen
Founder of C Suite Travel 
Yogi, Anthropology Professor, Travel Professional 


With a background in Anthropology, Rachel has always been fascinated with human anatomy and culture.The practice of yoga was an organic manifestation of this curiosity. Deeply rooted in a 2,000 year old tradition, yoga offers a place to explore the relationship between control and surrender, mind and body, tradition and change. 

Rachel's approach to yoga is one that honors the tradition from which yoga has come while challenging the individual to explore range of motion, strength and endurance.  Rachel has studied yoga faithfully since 1993. Inspired by teachers and students, she combines asana, pranayama, mudras, and sutras to deliver a unique practice that allows for personal expression while also concentrating on yogic traditions, alignment and body mechanics.  

 Practicing with Rachel provides an opportunity to explore the study of yoga on and off the mat so that we achieve alignment in our practice and our life.



Rachel has been leading and hosting curated small group travel for well over two decades. With more than 48 different countries under her belt, she has come to realize that travel is NOT about the stamps in your passport book. Travel IS about connection and relationships that transcend time and space limitations. C Suite Travel was founded to prioritize these relationships and do travel right. Doing travel right means that every travel decision we make is weighed against its economic, ecological, and cultural impact. Her years of traveling has allowed her to curate a network of travel professionals around the world. 



Capt. J.F. Larsen

Chief Operation Officer 

Capt. J has grown up on the water and is part of a long legacy of leisure lifestyle procurers. He holds his 100K Ton Masters Licence and has run boats up down the east coast for over 20 years. His boat delivery experience has prepared him well for his roll as Chief Operations Officer at C Suite Travel. J has security clearance at ALL international ports and an international commercial drivers license. He specializes in getting people and cargo where they need to be by land or by sea. 



Director of Joy 

Yogi is joy. He spreads happiness to all. Even though he is only two, there is nobody more qualified to be our DOJ (Director of Joy).