Why should I go on a yoga retreat?

Why should I go on a yoga retreat?

There is healing power in coming together. Our Tamarindo Yoga Retreat is intended to foster the growth of a community of like minded people. The day to day of life has a predictable rythm. While this is comforting, it also keeps us restricted to the known patterns of life. This retreat will add punctuation to the rythemm of life. Slowing down, sharing inspiring conversations, connecting with strangers, and nourishing our physical bodies with healthy food and movement is vital to the rejuvenation of our soul. It is a blessing to share these lessons with new groups of travelers every single trip!

Nourishing the mind, body and spirit in one of the most beautiful places on earth allows us to tap into unexplored potencial.  Taking this time for ourselves allows us to be able to offer the external world the best version of who we are.

Traveling is all about sharing energy and interacting in new ways with new people. We leave impressions on those we encounter around the world. Likewise, we are touched by the friends and acquaintances we cross. It’s a beautiful opportunity for cultural exchange a chance bring that shared connection back into our lives. 

PN: What tips do you have for women so that they can nourish their body, mind, and spirit during their independent travels?

CG: Always take time for yourself. A quiet morning with a cup of tea and a few deep breaths before immersing yourself in a new place is a brilliant way to ground into yourself. While we are away from the creature comforts of our homes, it is all the more important to find comfort in the home of yourself.

Travel can be taxing on our physical and emotional bodies. Always make sure you’re checking in on how you’re feeling and look at what is coming up for you while being away from home. Be kind to yourself and remember that just because you’re on an adventurous trip, you can still take a day to chill, sleep in, and treat yo’ self!

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