What do you do on a yoga retreat anyway?

What do you do on a yoga retreat anyway?

What do you do on a yoga retreat anyway?

The short answer to that question is … it depends. Each retreat has its own vibe. Some are super traditional and adhere to yogic lifestyle protocols, such as no alcohol. Where as others are designed for individuals to set their own standard or level of adherence to the prescribed traditional yogic diet and lifestyle.

The BeU Tamarindo Yoga Retreat is designed to honor each persons level of adherence to yoga traditions while at the same time highlighting the tradition from which this practice comes.

In the west, the word ‘yoga’ is understood differently. For many people here in "the states," yoga is purely a physical exercise, a way to get stronger, healthier and more flexible. This view of yoga is very incomplete. Derived from the text, “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” the sutras offer a more complete perspective of the yogic tradition. This retreat will add dimension to your understanding of yoga. We will greet each day with a sunrise vinyasa flow followed by tea and sutra study. There will be ample time reflect on the daily sutra study using your custom made journal. A personal chef will prepare your breakfast daily.

After breakfast adventure awaits. Each day has a specific activity that is designed to immerse you in the natural wonders of Costa Rica. Using nature as our guide, you will get to explore some of the most beautiful ecosystems in the world.

The early evening will allow you ample time to enjoy the infinity pool at the villa, hit up the beach, wonder around Tamarindo, or take it easy. Most dinners will be chef prepared in our villa allowing us to reconnect as a group once more. A nightly yin (restorative) and meditation practice will be offered.

This is NOT an overly regimented trip so any and all activities are optional and there is enough free time for you to follow your hearts desire.

This yoga retreat is really not just about focus on the physical practice. This is a perfect yoga retreat for people of all levels. Whether this is your first time on the mat or a chance to deepen an already established practice, this retreat will be based on your individual preferences.

We hope to cultivate mindfulness and joy, not just for the time that we’re on the retreat. The goal is for you to emerge from this experience with a rejuvenated state of being that you can apply directly to your life. When you return to the flow your your day-to-day it might still be the same. But after this retreat, you will have changed. You will be able to show up rejuvenated allowing you to shine…. ❤️🙏❤️

Pura Vida 

see you in Costa Rica

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